A grand day out

On Wednesday I was fortunate enough to be invited to The Radio Forth Awards. A cross between The Brits and Big Hearted Scotland it was a right good laugh. The Assembly Rooms in George Street was bulging as we enjoyed a great lunch. Back in the day my dad actually won one of these awards for his community contribution while working with FCT.

After lunch the ‘public’ were invited into the venue and populated the balcony.

On stage we were treated to a host of great acts (and James Blunt).

Jack Robertson, a 13 year old lad from Liberton High who has a burning ambition to be on the X Factor and genuinely has talent, was first up. Followed by a tired looking Jason Donovan. The aforementioned James Blunt (OMG he must be the poshest man in Britain) did three songs including the inevitable rendering of “You’re Beautiful”.

However, one of the big highlights was Aleisha Dixon who sang her new song, The Boy Done nothing.

Next up, Leon Jackson; great singer but zero personality. Craig Hill did quite a good comedy spot, which surprised me before we had a short set from Sharleen Spiterri that was great

The show closers were Stereophonics whose acoustic performance of Dakota was really good.

Come on folks. Don't just sit there gawping. Say something. Get involved.

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