I M Salmond

Political leaders do not usually demonstrate this level of humour. His critics will call it a stunt.  Me? I call it personality.  The fritters gag’s sweet.

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5 thoughts on “I M Salmond

  1. Thanks Mark – I missed this. Oustanding. Show-stealing. Executed perfectly. Dissed others and self-dissed.

    The Sky gag and Glasgow-East/Glenrothes were just as sweet.

    “Yes we can”
    “Nah we didnae”



  2. Salmond’s was Oscar material compared to that.

    You felt Blair’s was (I’m trying remain unbiased) more calculated. Probably Tait and Alastair Campbell’s idea. I doubt Blair had seen the sketches. It was funny just coz Blair agreed to do it. Salmond’s performance was excellent.

    You just know he enjoyed Jolly on Hogmanany every year. A more astute and subtle choice to do a take on. Less so but still calculated too mind. Just right for his target audience.


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