Well, 20 plus years later, I’m back on the stage with FCT for their thirtieth anniversary show next April. First rehearsal tonight and I was given a pretty safe solo part. There are some astounding talents in the show. Some of the male leads have incredible voices. Just as well as this is the first song I have to learn. It’s going to be a major challenge but I’m looking forward to it.

We’ve all agreed that I should seek sponsorship from Imodium.

8 thoughts on “Thespianism

  1. Thanks for that, Mark. I might have half a chance of learning it now! Gxxx

    P.S. If you could just do the same for all the other songs, that would be great!!!!!


  2. Hi Mark these lyrics are the same as the show ones that I have in my script from when Andrew did it three years ago. Am wondering if they just recorded it for the film soundtrack and then cut it out of the movie. It doesn’t actually feature in the end product! Anyway this will help you familiarise yourself with it even if Andrew cuts it downa bit. It’s an amazing number!!


  3. it is a complicated one but really effective when it is taught. am looking forward to seeing what andrew and all you guys do with it. it is all very exciting!


  4. It was a totally stunning show… can’t take any credit for that one – was andrew’s directing debut (my only contribution was as his drinking buddy!!). Today was looking amazing already- will really start to get exciting when the big team of people starts to build up!!


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