Sam Taylor Wood

In a totally unilluminating South Bank Show I was nevertheless enthused by Sam Taylor Wood’s work.

It is on the money.

This is quite beautiful, and it’s only one of many balletic pieces. Nonetheless some twat on the South Bank Show pointed out that the shadow of her arm didn’t cover the chair.

I guess he thought it was a real insight, actually he came across like a real American… er… wank.

Her response was good.

“Yes, I know, it’s deliberate.”


You might think this is boring;

I saw it at The Tate Modern in London (I think) and, for me, this is modern day classicism.

It’s really, sorry I’ll say it again, beautiful.

5 thoughts on “Sam Taylor Wood

  1. Beautiful and stunning this piece surely is but also a tad disquieting when we think of it in terms of our mortality!

    Not to worry though, eh!!


  2. It’s a great picture but I’m not sure the shadow of her arm SHOULD cover the chair. Judging from where the shadow hits the wall, I think the light source is far enough to the left that the shadow would cast behind the chair. Just MHO…


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