The attack of the killer onions


Ria has been near-hospitalised by an onion that fell off the kitchen worktop and landed on her big toe.

As I left the house yesterday morning with her screams ringing in my ears I have to admit I found it a little amusing and not one of the biggest worries in my life.

But tonight her toe is black and blue.

An’ it’s only an ingin an’ a’.

6 thoughts on “The attack of the killer onions

  1. For another devastating onion, see Heavyweight US satire. Killer wit. Doles out a damn good verbal kicking to anything and everything on a weekly basis. Brilliant t-shirts too.


  2. poor Ria, I hope you “heel” well,I no its not great for your gymnastics career, but I’m afraid I did habe a giggle.I think its the way your dad tells ’em. Auntie Sara xx


  3. It was funnier as we sang “the world is a great big onion” while Ria writhed about on the floor saying her toe was broken. Oh, we have such sympathy in this house. At least it’s the same leg as the sore knee. They can all heel together and she can still walk.


  4. Broken Tae and the MGs (Mark Gormans and Morris Garages) – Green Onions?

    (or Black & Blue Onions)

    I’d no idea who sang The Onion Song. It used to play on a loop in Wm Low, Broughton Road with other songs like “You’re so Vain” by Carly Simon. I said to folks many times over the years “It goes something like ‘our world…… is just….. a great – big – onion’ ” , but no, nobody had heard it or remember it and here it is and it’s Marvin Gaye!


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