The dignity of labour


I have to say that I have found Roy Keane’s departure from Sunderland FC one of the most dignified and charming moments in recent football history.

Keane is clearly a deeply principled and thoughtful man. He knows how to prioritise life. It goes like this…family, dogs, football, football management, football PR, corporate arselicking.

His description of the corporate sideshow at Man Utd as The Prawn Sandwich Brigade was hilarious. And mostly true.

In Niall Quinn he was blessed to have a real man running a football club. A human being. That may have saved his soul because there are dark murmurings in this story that are astonishingly redolent of David Peace’s Cloughie book, The Damned United. OK there’s much less aggro and bitterness here, but there are demons. Lots of them.

Let’s hope Keane finds some peace from those demons and comes back to grace us with his greatness.

A sad loss for the Premiership. A very sad loss.