Another Boruc Howler

I have so many mixed feelings about the Hibees that I wouldn’t know where to start listing them.

They beat Celtic today, fair and square. They must be a good team then. So how come they lost to Inverness, and drew with Aberdeen, St Mirren and Falkirk. It’s ridiculous and neverending. It shows a total sign of lack of commitment because clearly the squad has the ability, but not the focus.

It totally hacks me off.

So we beat Celtic, so what?

However ,we did score a quite extraordinary goal which got the commentators all frothy at the mouth.

It was more goalkeeping cock up than striking brilliance, but here it is anyway.

John Rankin, enjoy your moment in the sun.

Oh, and if you think that’s bad. Try this…

Same comment applies.

We beat Celtic (last year), lose to all the fodder around us and finish nowhere. Helped along the way by a Boruc calamity.

We’ll probably sign him one day.

3 thoughts on “Another Boruc Howler

  1. I think you’re being a little unfair on hibs. I was at the game. Sure Boruc blundered…but the second goal was a thing of majesty. Also despite their greater possession Celtic never really looked liked scoring. Great work from Bamba throughout. Our biggest problem is despite waht we say we are a selling club. It’s inevitable that we’ll sell some players but we should make it policy only to sell to england or europe…not the old firm.


  2. Well I bow to your greater commitment Will, but That’s one of the reasons why, after so many years of going along, that I gave up the habit. Too many defeats to poor teams because of poor performances and at least one win a year against the Old Firm – because we’s ‘raised our game – or played to our ability more like – just started to do my nut in.


  3. Boruc. Calamity. Easter Road. I’ve just deja vu that I’ve just had deja vu.

    He’s an Easter Road favourite. He is to Hibs what Zibi was to the Jambos.

    ps – your later comment about Old Firm rings true. Great against Celtic but a week later against Hamilton they were woeful (despite taking 3 points).


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