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You sometimes wonder what commissioning editors are thinking of. This stinking movie was released simultaneously in cinema, on DVD and on Sky Box office today and I thought it might be a wry take on the genre of bad taste horror.


It was just bad taste and very badly conceived. Supposedly it was a “take” on the life of the Wests. It was a “take” we could manage without quite frankly because it gave no insight whatsoever into the criminal mind.

The fact that the BBC commissioned it, but gave it to Sky to air it, says everything. I very much doubt it will ever be seen on a BBC channel.

It’s shit. It’s nasty and if its makers claim that it is ironic or post modern; or something…they’re wrong; it’s not. It’s just substandard claptrap taking the Hostel/Saw genre (which used to be called video nasties) and adding nothing to it.

The Daily Mail would probably call it pornography.

For once I might agree with them.