you wouldn’t believe it

Add a t shirt and that's me that is.

Add a t shirt and that’s me that is.

So, it’s Hogmanay.  I’m slobbed out in bed at 9.45 when the phone rings.  It’s my verticallty challenged chum, Derrick Reid; “Fancy a game of badminton at the David Lloyd Centre Mark?” He asks.

“No”.  I thought.

“Yes, that would be lovely.”  I reply.

I haven’t played badders for 15 years and it was a killer then and Wee Deek is like a walking fitness studio.  So I’m knackered.  My end of year sporting prowess (on the golf course) all for naught as I’m certain to end the year on a losing note.

So I take Derrick to the David Lloyd Centre.

“I’ll bring the racquets.” he chirps.

He’s got a whole box of shuttlecocks and professional racquets.  I am a gonner.

So off we go.

He wins the first 5 points in about a nanosecond and I’m feeling despondent, but I knuckle down and gradually ease into the game finally winning a point and then going on a bit of a run until I find myself 10 -8 in front.  My heart is in palpitations but I press on and close out the first game 15 – 10.  Result!

The second game doesn’t go according to plan.  Despite my taking an 8 – 5 lead Derrick steps up a gear and wins 15 – 10.  By now I’m reaching for my moby to call 999.  But he’s showing signs of tiring too.

The last game is nip and tuck throughout.  Eventually I get to match point, 14 – 13, only to lose the crucial point and slip to 15 – 14; match point to Derrick.  However one final push and I draw level and close out the match with a 17 – 15 win.


Bring on 2009.

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