Kris Boyd to be sold to a richer club. Oh isn’t that awful.

Don't cry for me argy bargy.

Don’t cry for me argy bargy.

It makes me laugh till I spew reading the angst emanating from Ibrox about Kris Boyd being sold.  What?  The family jewels sold off to a bigger and richer club, (Birmingham City) just when they were doing well.

Well, now you know how it feels!

Thomson, Miller, Whittaker, Murray and, over the fence, Caldwell, Killen, Riordan, Brown and that’s probably not all of them that have been ripped out of Easter Road in the last few years and it’s no different at Hearts or Dundee Utd.


You bet.

(Oh and I believe they’re after Andy Driver at Hearts.  Bloody hypocrites.)

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Rangers are 100000x the size of Birmingham, regardless of their so-called precarious financial position which the mhedia have exaggerated.


Comment by Iain

It’s all a food chain. The capital clubs lose players to the Glasgow clubs, and if they shine there, they head south. Hutton and Cuellar come to mind as recent departures at Rangers.

The smart clubs are ones who know this to be true and adapt their strategy to make the most of their stand-out players before they’re harvested by the premiership.


Comment by Pub Wisdom

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