Joe Strummer. The future is unwritten.


So, I’m the last Clash fan in the world to watch this film.  It doesn’t stop me considering it a very wonderful and intimate portrait of who, it transpires, was quite a fmessed upgenius.

OK, we always knew he was a public schoolboy doing all that gobbing stuff as a punk.

Was he a true communist?

I doubt it, but his views were passionately held and he walked the walk for as long as it really mattered.

I loved, adored, the Clash, not especially from a political ideology but because their mid-career music (especially London Calling) was the best of its generation at an age where music most consumed me.

Julian Temple’s movie demands respect because he didn’t take the fanclub approach.  He brilliantly paints this troubled man’s life story in  a way I was not expecting.


And, I think I have to leave you with this…


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