Obama’s inauguration speech

Come the time.  Come the man.

Cometh the time. Cometh the man.

I didn’t see him deliver it but I’ve just read it and it is a thing of beauty. Balanced, potent, humble but strong, honest in that he positions America’s future from a point in time where the nation is in crisis. He speaks simply but uncompromisingly. (Essentially he is saying you are with us or against us. The subtext is ‘God help you if you are the latter.”)

Al Gore will be proud. He puts the climate centre stage.

He talks brilliantly about policy in a hugely Democratic way without actually uttering a word of rhetoric or specifying any particular bill. His critics might say this is vague. I see it as vision-setting and principled.

He talks about the ‘truth’ of America. America the brand. As an adman I buy into that full square. His vision is not of warmongering arrogance and doled out retribution for wrongdoings against the Bald Eagle. It’s about work – hard work – community, opportunity, reward and democracy.

In short this was a wonderful, humble, dignified moment in time, setting out his stall as a strong man of reason and very great intelligence.

Not one single word was difficult to understand, contrived, showy or jargony.

That is no mean feat.

So I say, Obama…Yes you can. (And he didn’t say that.)

I sincerely, truly hope and pray that I will not be eating these words a year from now, but I sincerely believe that I will not.

And why? Because Obama does not politicise, he engages and reasons.

Not a single word of overpromise was in his speech but its intent was crystal clear.

Suntrap Garden Workshops and Night Classes

If you’re interested in learning something new this year why not take a look at the classes run at Suntrap. There are 2 hour workshops or you can take part in a longer block of night classes.


Saturday 10.00am – 12.00 Noon

£6 plus the cost of materials

All classes take place at Suntrap Garden, Gogarbun, EXCEPT for the Apple Pruning on the 7th February (return mid afternoon).

Saturday 7th February Willie Duncan’s Apple Pruning Work Shop”

Meet at Suntrap Garden car park 9.15am. Mini bus transport to Willie’s garden at Drumeldrie in Fife. There will be a £2 cost per person for transport. Bring packed lunch, hot drink, warm clothes, strong footwear and secateurs. (Limited places available)

Saturdays 14th 21th 28th February “Flower Arranging”

For beginners or for people who just want to improve their flower arranging skills and at the end of the three Saturdays students will feel more confident in arranging flowers. (N.B. £18 for course and cost of flowers & materials extra)

Saturday March 14th “Turf Wars” Caring for your lawn, what to do and what not to do?

Saturday April 18th “Vegetable and fruit growing in a small space” Container vegetable growing.

Saturday May 16th “Hanging gardens of Babylon “Tom Hardwick’s version” Practical workshop planting up containers and baskets for Summer. Containers, baskets and plants additional cost.

Evening Classes

(7.00 – 9.00 pm)

‘Design Your Own Garden‘ 11 weeks starting 22nd April £105

‘Amateur Gardening‘ 10 weeks beginning 23rd April £ 80

To Book Workshops or Evening Classes or for more information contact Moira at Oatridge College – 01506 864807

(Email mmontgomery@oatridge.ac.uk)

Suntrap also has a blog, why not check it out?

Charlie Brooker’s oddness

What is it with Charlie Brooker?

His Screen Burn programme on C4 last night had this wierd approach to editorial control.

Every time he said f*ck it was bleeped, but when Andy Nyman said ‘fuck’, it w***n’t.

Anyway, his show last night was about children’s programmes.  In particular, the one thing we were both agreed on was that Bagpuss featured an opening so sinister that it was more akin to The Wicker Man.

We were both freaked out about it and shivering in our infantile beds.