For Will…

This blurb is from a youtube descriptor of Can’s Monster Movie which Will tells me is their masterpiece…

“On first hearing Monster Movie’s relentless grooves (especially Yoo Doo Right & this, the album’s opening epic) I was smitten with ‘The Can’ – convinced I was listening to some eternal music that the Greek Gods used in keep fit classes. The interplay between drums, bass and vocals is astonishing here and all due respect to Malcolm, Holger & Jaki…… Footage taken from an early 1970s LWT anthology horror / thriller series called ‘The Frighteners’. In this Mike Hodges episode, a father appears to kill his baby, then wife…. But not all is as it seems. Cruel, madness-inducing drama is inherent in the imagery as well as Mooney’s singing – one of my favourite vocal performances of all time.”

Judge for yourselves.

This is from Monster music too…

“Can was a musical group formed in West Germany in 1968. One of the most important “krautrock” groups, Can had a style grounded in the art rock of bands such as The Velvet Underground, with strong experimental and world music influences. Can formed in Köln in 1968, comprising bass guitarist Holger Czukay, keyboard player Irmin Schmidt, guitarist Michael Karoli, and drummer Jaki Liebezeit. In the autumn of 1968, the band enlisted the creative, highly rhythmic, but unstable and often confrontational American Malcolm Mooney, a New York based painter (who in fact had never sung before), with whom they recorded the material for an album, Prepared to Meet Thy Pnoom. This first album was rejected by their record company, and was not released until 1981, under the name Delay 1968. The band decided to record another album of original material from scratch, which later became Monster Movie, released in 1969. Mooney’s bizarre ranting vocals stood in contrast to the stark minimalism of the music, which was influenced particularly by garage rock, funk and psychedelic rock. Repetition was stressed on bass and drums, particularly on the epic “Yoo Doo Right” which had been edited down from a six-hour improvisation to take up a mere single side of vinyl.
Mooney returned to America soon afterwards on the advice of a psychiatrist, having been told that getting away from the chaotic music of Can would be better for his mental health

If you’ve got this far you will acknowledge that ingestion of forbidden fruits were commonly associated with the appreciation of Can’s music.

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