Good guys

You know me.  You know I will mercilessly lambast any company that takes the piss out of its customers , and me in particular.  Previous posts have ripped apart Mondial Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Sky, Baxters, Tesco.  The list is long.  The misdemeanors multifarious.

So it’s good to report the opposite once in a while, so please come to the stage to take your deserved applause…

The Radiator studio.

Based in Bonar Place in Edinburgh the owner, Big John, went so far out of the way that it is impossible to record, in the confines of mere blogging, how much he helped my mother when he put in her new bathroom suite.  Having discovered that the walls were absolutely shot to bits he took everything back to the brick and physically rebuilt her entire bathroom.

How much extra did he charge her for this monumental task?

Nowt.  Not a penny.

I salute you Big John.  Cheers Mate.  Anyone looking for new radiators.  Get on down to The Radiator Studio.


Life in the offline world

I met one of my most regular contributors – LL Cool Jim (or Jamesey) in real life last night at a brilliant FCT quiz night.

He reminded me about this wonderful Tom Waits song that I think I need to, in turn, share with you.

What’s he building in there?

The great thing is that he never actually tells you.

There’s a neat animation of part of it too that you might like.

But this is probably my favourite Tom Waits story of all time.  (the video is dreadful but stick with it and listen to the tale.)