inspiring beyond words


At today’s FCT rehersal we blocked and performed two numbers that had me frequently on the verge of tears.  It was a war section of the show segueing  ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’ from WWI and a song from the Vackees –  set in the Blitz of WWII.

Keep the Home Fires Burning starts with a female solo for the first verse then the female chorus does verse two, then the male chorus takes over for verse three, before the full company combines for the concluding verse.  There’s no harmonies, just a gradual build from a gentle hush until the second half of the last verse which is sung in full voice and it was quite simply magnificent.  Seriously the hairs were standing up on my neck.  I was gobsmacked by it.  Joyce and Catriona’s handling of it all was nothing short of perfection.

The song from the Vackees is slightly more complicated but no less affecting and again builds to a stunning climax.

Honestly, I count my blessings to be a part of this thing with youngsters that are so talented: it’s awe inspiring.

Every single member of the directing team (musical, movement and acting) are due my unrequited thanks for this.

I know, I know I’m getting all Kate Winslett on you.  But you have to be there.

You will not regret a penny of the ticket price when you come along.  And you WILL be coming along.