There is something about Jade Goody that demands respect.  OK it’s easy to knock her apparent obsession with being in the media eye but give her due respect – it is her job, her income stream and she works hard for it.

Jade Goody is a brand and a lot of people like it.  Myself included.  Sure, it’s not Chanel.  She lacks what posh people would call ‘class’ but she has a sense of style that I admire.

She’s dying though.

And here’s the rub.  She will get a mixture of praise and shit from the media over what remains of her life and she will command column miles; never mind inches.

But, if you saw her programme, like I did, on Living TV tonight you will know that she is a public figure worthy of respect.

Do you recall, did you see even, what must be her lowest moment on Big Brother when she was co-erced into stripping off? (I think she was duped in a game of strip poker.)

It was sad, and arrogent of her fellow house mates.  But I think she has learned a lot since then and not in a way that loses any of her, still, naive charm.

Jade Goody is a good person. Let’s hope what remains of her life touches some hearts and that she dies with dignity and at peace.

One thought on “Jade

  1. She’s a bit like Jordan, you don’t really want to admire her but you do. She’s made millions by being ordinary and is compulsive viewing. We hated her for her behaviour when she behaved so badly towards Shilpa Shetty, but has overcome that. So many others would have just curled up and died quietly. She hasn’t. If she saves just one young girl’s life by drawing attention to the need to take notice of a letter from your doctor, that’s a result. Real victims are her two little boys as you do wonder who else will be able to look after them as their father, her mother and the boyfriend all seem to have their own agendas. But how many other families are going through the same thing anonymously. Yes, she has touched people in a way that few do.


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