Would you like to see my show?


I’ve sold my first 10 tickets as the box office opened today and I’d love you to come and see me in ‘Ya Beauty, 30 Years of FCT’.

I promise you it will be a night to remember (even with me in it).  A cast of 80.  So it will lack nothing in the power stakes but it’s the quality of the harmonic singing that has blown me away in rehearsal.

It runs on the Easter weekend from Thursday 9 – Saturday 11 April (with a matinee on the Saturday).  It’s at the Church Hill Theatre in Edinburgh and tickets cost only £10 for adults.

Let me know if you want tickets and I’ll sort it out for you.

3 thoughts on “Would you like to see my show?

  1. I’ve attended one or two rehearsals for FCT shows over the past 30 years and in my experience, whilst rehearsals are impressive enough, they are as nothing compared to the performance level that FCT kids (of all ages) produce when given an audience to work with.

    The quality and power of the singing at these rehearsals has been the best I’ve ever heard!

    In fact, to call it ‘singing’ doesn’t do it justice; every number I’ve heard has been a powerful and moving vocal performance!

    Hats off to the team of directors for extracting such a performance at this stage.

    This show is all about the music, no set, little costume, simple lighting…just good…very good music.

    Buy a ticket now while they’re hot off the press, I promise you three things.

    You WILL smile
    You WILL cry
    But most of all you WILL be blown away, time and time again!


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