This is the sort of lying claptrap we have to put up with all of the time as train users.  At least the screen works at Haymarket because it’s been out of order for six months at Dalmeny.

Check out the due time and the actual time.  And the fact that it claims the train is ‘on time’.



I was privileged to be in the audience at Edinburgh’s wonderful new venue, The Picture House, last night to see Amadou and Mariam.

This is one of my photos…


Jeez it was good.  The band was really tight, even the totally annoying Bass player with his upstaging ways.  (THat’s him in the white on the right.

The backing singers danced like synchronised swimmers all night (OK they weren’t actually swimming) and were apparently dressed by Remnant Kings as my mate Doug so beautifully put it.

Surely the gig of the year.  Already.  It was mesmerising.

They like each other it has to be said.