Fleet Foxes

I know I’ve been a bit harsh on the beardy hippy gits with their nauseating critical adulation.  But I’ll give them something.

This, their latest single, is great.  But they came across as total geek nerds on the Culture Show last night.  Frankly I had to look away.  Thankfully I was on my own or I’d have died of embarrassment.

They are notable by ther absence in the video are they not?


I’ve had a bit of “ooh you’re no bloggin’ that much big boy.” recently.

And a lot of it is put down to the fact that I’m not exactly underemployed.

And I’m not. My golf stinks, consequently.

But if any of you think my bloggin’ is dead.  Forget it.

I aim to entertain.

The phantom band

Good to see the boys showcased on The Culture Show tonight. But they could do with getting their arses in gear and getting some official versions of their wonderful music online.

I mean, what are they doing, living in the web 2.1 world?

Apparently so, because this video of the best song this year, so far, by anyone is still unofficial.


Yir no Little Boots are ye?

And so, for punishment… take this…