dunfermline no more


This credit crunch seems to drive people to very strange decisions.

Clearly the Dunfermline has had an annus horribilis but the view on the non-validity of its balance sheet seems a bit kneejerk.

One argument is that it’s trashed to the tune of over a billion.  The other that £50 million or so would fix it.

So.  What’s the story? My view is that it was a fixable problem.


With a government in total freefall;  clueless;  PR stories at farcical levels (the Home Secretary’s porno bill); global meltdown; what chance did The Dunfermline have?

What’s going on man?  It’s bonkers.  This looks like a very fixable problem.  But instead we get the heavy hand of officialdom coming in and messing everything up.

The FSA?

I thought the A in FSA stood for Authority.