dunfermline no more


This credit crunch seems to drive people to very strange decisions.

Clearly the Dunfermline has had an annus horribilis but the view on the non-validity of its balance sheet seems a bit kneejerk.

One argument is that it’s trashed to the tune of over a billion.  The other that £50 million or so would fix it.

So.  What’s the story? My view is that it was a fixable problem.


With a government in total freefall;  clueless;  PR stories at farcical levels (the Home Secretary’s porno bill); global meltdown; what chance did The Dunfermline have?

What’s going on man?  It’s bonkers.  This looks like a very fixable problem.  But instead we get the heavy hand of officialdom coming in and messing everything up.

The FSA?

I thought the A in FSA stood for Authority.


3 thoughts on “dunfermline no more

  1. If they really did speculate recklessly … F*ck them. I pity the workers but the senior management should be … er, rewarded huge bonuses and given golden cheerios …

    What I really want to know is: Are the sisters and parents for whom MPs claim 2nd home allowances paying tax on this income? Hmmmnnnn …


  2. Nice picture of chemtrails there, bet you didnt even realise. No sorry there not contrails but chemtrails.Contrails dont stay in the sky for hours and form a thick haze. Try googling it. There everywhere, It has even been admited by the goverment in Germany.Ever wandered why you see these planes everywhere even off designated air paths, flying in criss cross paterns accross the sky, do you remember seeing these when you where younger, think now !. I dont like being the bringer of bad news but it happens to be true. Where being sprayed with chemicals.On days when these are more abundant notice how many more people are coughing and have upper respiratory breathing problems.


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