Yup. Busy

I realise my posting, for now, is a time  squeezed challenge so I hope I can, on the whole, only present quality.

What I’d like to share with you for now was the event I staged with Trevor Beattie (Sir Trevor in my post event opinion.  He did it and donated his fee to Operation Overlord.)

He talked about how to do great advertising without spending lots of money on it.

Of course he was able to show umpteen examples of this.  But the best pure idea he demonstrated was this.

As it coincidentally happens I agree, one of the great pop videos of all time. And I agreewith a minor point he made.  She could have shed the boots.



As he said on the night.  Be proud to be cheap (but only if you do it well.)

Poor old (happy old) England ladies


England’s ladies won the World Cup of Ladies Cricket this afternoon in Australia.  Five Live, to their credit, did report the fact and were interviewing the captain but had to break away for a vital, League One, full time scoreline from Cheltenham versus Oldham.

What a load of old patronising cack.  A national team wins a WORLD CUP but a lower league football score that can wait 30 seconds trumps the winning interview?

Come on.

It got worse.

The next question was to confirm the fact that the team was returning home by economy class.

The poor English ladies representative tried to make light of it explaining that when the ECU heard about the win they tried to upgrade “some of them” but the team as a whole wanted to travel together.

This is ridiculous because England were favourites to win the world cup and duly delivered.  Why was it a surprise?

Is it merely a mark of disrespect/patronisation by both Five Live and The ECU?

I think so.