New Irn Bru commercial

When this goes on youtube I’ll let you know, but in between times you’ll have to use the link.  Me?  I instantly liked it, especially with its nod back to the old US Coke spoofs.  The McHigh School Musical pastiche got me and my teenage kids’ votes.  (I hope Mark Davies did it.)

Actually, the more I watch it the more I like it.  It’s captured the essence of Scottishness, and let’s face it Scottishness is Irn Bruness, brilliantly.  And it brings gingerness to the fore.  Irn Bru IS ginger and in Weegieland they call carbonated soft drinks Ginger – AND we’re a ginger nation.

Is this a move towards a ginger strategy.  If so this execution is a bloody good start and the first step towards a full blooded celebration of gingerness –  and we love gingerness.

PS My wife’s Ginger. (Sorry, strawberry blonde.)

A long way down by Nick Hornby


I missed the ‘release’ of this, mainly because I thought Hornby’s early promise had run out of steam.  ( I loved Fever Pitch and liked Hi Fidelity.)  He seemed to be becoming a bit ‘four weddings and a funeral’ for my liking and the snob in me saw him selling out.

His “about a boy’ book was kind of pish really.

But I picked this up in a charity shop and it sat in the pile for a while before I decided to read it.

It’s overrated, I have to say that to start with.  It will win no literary prizes , but the critics seem to hold Hornby in some sort of thrall.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that actually if you ignore the startlingly unbelievable critical tosh it’s rather good on a simple storytelling level.

It has no great insights on life (or death) but it is a good read and Hornby creates four distinct characters; two of which work very well (the comedic ones ) Jess and Martin; one who nearly gets there but is underdeveloped (Maureen); and one that’s just a bit crap (JJ).

And yet, still, it works.  I liked it on the whole.  Quite a lot actually.

Maybe I liked it because it’s just a good story with an unpredictable ending, well told, and actually a very good mix of humour and pathos.

Oh, it’s  about four people and their take on suicide, and how they collectively fight it, in case you didn’t know.

The Specials


Just back from The Weegiestan after a most enjoyable night’s skanking.  The car windows were rather steamy on the return after Mike, Paul and I had thrown ourselves vigorously around the dancefloor of the Glasgow Academy for a couple of hours.

I was the world’s biggest Specials fan in the early 80’s but never saw them live.

This reunion tour was great then.

Extraordinarily tight, a big band, ten on stage and great commitment from all; even, surprisingly, Terry Hall.  Much has been made of Gerry Dammers absence but I wasn’t that bothered.  What did bother me was the padding.  The Specials have ten, maybe 15 songs to die for, but they did pad it out a bit and the gig lost focus after 45 minutes.  They came storming back in the encores, but that quite long (20-30 minutes) middle section left me a bit cold.

Overall though a sure fire four stars.


Great animation

My very good friend’s daughter’s boyfriend made this astonishing pop vid for Moray McLaren (isn’t it depressing when your pals’ kids are old enough to make noteworthy contributions to culture).

The song is nice.  Not life-changing I have to say but spend some time getting your head round the animation technique.  Very, very clever.

Why we listen to football

I love Radio Five.

I was cooking tonight listening to the Man Utd v Spurs match; Man U were  2 – 0 down at half time.  (Cursing I was.)

And then a dodgy penalty won them the league.

Five goals.

Unlimited controversy.

Conspiracy theories abounding.

Marvellous it was.  Marvellous.