And so the time time has come and now i face the primal curtain…


The day has arrived.

We took ownership, however briefly, of the Church Hill Theatre tonight and had our first run, in the studio theatre.  Tomorrow we do our technical run at 10.30.  Dress at 2.30 and open at 7.30.  We’re ready.  The rehearsals on Sunday, last night and tonight have all built on each other and started from a good place.  It’s getting pretty tight all round I have to say.  (Although one of my numbers – Get me to the Church on Time from My Fair Lady happily calls for rumbustuousness and a lack of overall discipline!)

The show with the exception of the Sat Mat is, to all intent and purpose, sold out.  As I predicted. And the Saturday matinee is half sold and will no doubt fill up quickly now as the latecomers realise that when we said we thought the nights would sell out it wasn’t just us making it up.

If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket (and believe me you will count yourself lucky) you are in for a spellbinding evening’s entertainment.

I count myself blessed and privileged beyond belief to be part of this.  Felix McLaughlin who just came up from Cardiff on Sunday to join the final rehearsals was dumbstruck by the depth and quality of talent on show.  I’m not talking about me and my generation here I’m talking about the current and just ‘graduated’ cast who have talent in extreme.  And the directing team, choreographer and musical direction team have to be seen to be believed.

The impact this show has had on me will never be repeated in my life.  I feel sure of that because it is truly a one off, truly a labour of extraordinary love.

My father would not only have got ‘the tingles’ as he called it.  He would have been swept away in a tidal wave of emotion which is exactly what will happen to our audiences because, on the whole, their lives have been so positively influencd by the wonderful work of FCT and this is, after all, the best of FCT.

I keep coming back to the greatest thing of all;  membership is a mere £3 – for the year – which includes the opportunity of being in a 10 night run on the Fringe PLUS a show like this and we’ve never had even so much as a penny of public sector funding.

FCT is immense and this  joyous photo from the rehearsals sums it all up for me.

This is FCT!


11 thoughts on “And so the time time has come and now i face the primal curtain…

  1. And the best is yet to come….

    Add to the mix a live audience and the quality and emotional impact of the performance increases 10 fold.

    Mark, I guarantee that at some point this week, probably more than once, you’ll be unable to sing because of the lump in your throat and unable to see where you’re going due to the tears in your eyes as 300+ cheering, screaming, grinning members of the audience jump to their feet to show their appreciation for the performance with deafening, thunderous applause.

    If you think the rehearsals have given an un-repeatable impact, wait till the performance!!

    Good luck! (Not that you need it)


  2. Thanks a lot Philip and your work behind the scenes does not go unnoticed, Glad to see you’ve kept the home fires burning for the after show party. That’ll be a stoater.


  3. And there was me kidding myself my decreptitude wouldn’t show Ha Ha!!! As one of our fellow cast members put it last night, ‘I can feel it in every bone of my body!’ I know what he means, but it’s worth every second.

    I can’t put it as eloquently as you Mark, but I echo every emotion. What an amazing experience and a huge honour. I’ll never forget it, and I suspect I won’t be alone.

    This has been something very, very special. Who would have believed it 30 years ago? Not you or I, certainly, and I thnk not even your beloved dad, who made it all possible. I, for one, will be eternally grateful.



  4. “…..Glad to see you’ve kept the home fires burning for the after show party. That’ll be a stoater.”

    Apparently so!

    Is the fact that there’s been no post show comment/analysis from because you are, for once, stuck for words?….or are you still recovering? (I’ve seen the photos lol)


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