Why we listen to football

I love Radio Five.

I was cooking tonight listening to the Man Utd v Spurs match; Man U were  2 – 0 down at half time.  (Cursing I was.)

And then a dodgy penalty won them the league.

Five goals.

Unlimited controversy.

Conspiracy theories abounding.

Marvellous it was.  Marvellous.

Britain’s got Talent

Ok, the snob in you stops you wanting to like this programme.  The human on the other hand says it is utterly astounding.

It’s emotional.  It’s funny.  It gets you talking.  It’s just great.

Susan Boyle’s story is well documented over the past week but tonight was all about “Diversity”, an unlikely male dance group from Lundin made up of a wide age group of youngsters who choreographed the most stunning and original two minute sequence you could imagine.


This is them on YouTube at Lakeside Shopping Centre: 18,000 hits to date.  I suspect that a week from now that might be nearer a million.