Demand a Milanda

I’m afraid this post will only appeal to those of a certain age and from a certain geographic base.

When I was a kid bread came in hauf loafs and the king of the hauf loaf was the Milanda.

Indeed my late father drove a Milanda van for some time, delivering to bakeries.

The reason for my post is that I met a bloke in Glasgow today who told me a brilliant story about Milanda (The advertising catchphrase, in the 60’s, was “Demand a Milanda”)

His story is that he met a lady in Ireland recently called Milanda and he was surprised by this.  Asking the derivation of her name she told him that her older sister had been tasked with naming the newborn and that she had taken a shine to the wee lassie in the bread ad (of the 60’s) “That wee Milanda lassie.”

Apparently she’d thought the girl, as opposed to the bread, was called Milanda.

Thank god she wasn’t watching the Ronseal ad.