The chant lady meets Barack Obama

Is this Obama’s greatest speech?

I love it.

3 thoughts on “The chant lady meets Barack Obama

  1. Did you see his BBC interview? (still on iPlayer) – mesmerising. The minute it starts you cannot takes your eyes and ears off it.

    Just incredible what sat in that seat for the previous 8 years.


  2. Just watched it now – hadn’t seen it before – he’s the man.

    Did you watch the BBC interview with him yet? – deals with world affairs itself – specifically the middle east and Europe. He’s better than Kennedy.

    I love that I’m experiencing this caper in my lifetime. I just found out he’s named a Latina woman as the head of the Supreme Court! Add that to his white Vice President.
    This man ain’t messing around – he’s moving in two ways: quickly and in the right direction.


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