Britain’s Got Talent Third Semi Final.


The human saxophone was a highlight of particular silliness.  He sounds no more a saxophone than I do a cultured media observer.

But it was a victory for minor ethnic minorities.  Cyprus kicked ass in the form of the somewhat absurd Stavros Flatley.  It is so bad it’s nearly good and Dad’s fawning over Flatley Jr is a real (cynical?) vote winner.  For me though, the stars of the show were MD Showgroup who lost out in the final vote to  Welsh Iranian Shahin Jafargholi.  An oddly mature voice for a 12 year old.

Certainly kicks Susan Boyle into touch.  That’s for sure.

4 thoughts on “Britain’s Got Talent Third Semi Final.

  1. Stavros Flatley makes me laugh and the wee laddie is adorable. I did like the Blackburn Rover on her first outing but as someone said, if she was a looker nobody would be bothered with her…. anyway she’ll probably be carted off before long….


  2. I’d certainly rather the Blackburn Rover wins over that spoilt bratlet with the rather large ears who thinks that if you cry you get what you want…..yup, I know, I’m a heartless cow ….


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