It’s a good day at Easter Road.

It seems we have hired who I have long thought might be Hibs follow up to Mozza (Tony Mowbray).

A  manger who cares and who has a football brain.  I now expect a much better season from Hibs but the absolute key must be about holding focus against the lower teams.  Yogi needs to teach Hibs that although beating Celtic, Rangers and Hearts is good, beating Hamilton, St Mirren, Motherwell, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock, et al is much, much more important.

Only one problem.  In seeking decent images of Yogi Onliner…this was the only good one I could find.


Ach well, we set them up anyway.

2 thoughts on “Yogi

  1. Happy.

    But why did Mixu get job ahead of him in the first place? – i cannae mind – was there a reason?

    Yogi is passionate about the science of fitbaw – and if the general public wanna hear the broadest Leith accent ever then tune into Sportscene next season for Yogi’s post-match interviews – I love hearing him speak.


    And I know a few other stories about him!


  2. John Hughes / subtitles
    I’ve no idea what he’s talking about, but you will kick people harder
    Any bets on the Scottish Cup?


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