The Briggers

I went along to the book launch of this, this morning at the Hawes Inn.  It’s written by Elspeth Wills, founder of Scotinform and my old boss.

It looks like a very interesting read and sheds a whole new light on the building of the bridge.


Note.  Whilst this is an excellently written post, Jeana (who wrote it) seems to forget that “I’ means Mark Gorman, not ‘she’ as in Jeana Gorman.  It’s a borderline case of unacceptable blog hijacking but you would think that ‘she’ would want her own blog (which she has, as it happens.  Here in fact.)

Anyway, good luck to Elspeth (a good pal of mine) on her latest book.

Murray Mania


Well Murray’s match last night against Wawrinka was an absolute cracker, but it didn’t look the performance of a Wimbledon winner.  In the first set Murray seemed to have completely lost his touch and although he improved and was facing a man on fire it was unconvincing overall.  However it gave us four hours of top notch entertainment.  Certainly the first time I ever remember Mrs G watching a sporting event for four hours.

Meant we ate rather late though…

I have rather been enjoying the furore over his anti-English stance and I had to hide a smile when after the first round this year the only two remaining Brits out of 11 starters were both Scottish.

More Pimms vicar?