Murray Mania


Well Murray’s match last night against Wawrinka was an absolute cracker, but it didn’t look the performance of a Wimbledon winner.  In the first set Murray seemed to have completely lost his touch and although he improved and was facing a man on fire it was unconvincing overall.  However it gave us four hours of top notch entertainment.  Certainly the first time I ever remember Mrs G watching a sporting event for four hours.

Meant we ate rather late though…

I have rather been enjoying the furore over his anti-English stance and I had to hide a smile when after the first round this year the only two remaining Brits out of 11 starters were both Scottish.

More Pimms vicar?

8 thoughts on “Murray Mania

  1. Epic it was. Baseline power tennis is normally no entertainment match for good old Becker serve and volley. Agassi was an exception with his fierce returns and Nadal and Federer are so efficient it’s frightening…. but this match pulled out some great winning points from both players all around the back of the court and the odd net winner.

    Bit of a wobble for the third most famous Hibee in the world – I think he’ll be well matched against Roddick or Hewitt on grass in the semi should he make it. Gotta be better than last night against either of them. Needs to maintain the focus – lost it too often last night.

    The fitness he showed was incredible but he was farked at the end.

    Fingers crossed!


      • Aye, Proclaimers – i see they’re on tour again – great live act – if you got the songs the gig takes care of itself.

        I hope Federer takes his time with Karlovic so I can get hame and enjoy Murray’s match wi ma tea.

        Wimbledon is one of sport’s final frontiers for us cooncil-TV peasants – it’s free! (well, almost).


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