My (sorry, our) wonderful, wonderful children

her indoors and himwee

Exam results tomorrow.

All three of our children await them with different levels of importance.  And engagement.

When they come in most will be met sanguinely.

Good or bad they (mostly) tried hard. (Those that didn’t know who they are.)

But it’s not everything. Exam results.

Amy is doing an amazing job at Scotland’s top Seafood restaurant.

Tom is astounding on the golf course; his handicap has now eclipsed most of my adult mates and he will be on the fourth tee of the regional final of The Dunfermline Masters tournament, as his results certificate plops through the letterbox, tomorrow.

And Ria is, from Friday, taking centre stage in a ten day run in the world’s greatest arts festival.

Me?  I try.

Jeana?  She delivers.

At last…


Thank you Lord for Catriona Matthew.

Finally Scotland has some dignity on the world golf stage.

We should dominate this game (don’t get me startyed on footie) but we are a national enigma.

Matthews’ win in the British Women’s Open at the Weekend at Lytham St Anne’s is something to celebrate then.

And the back story is quality.

A three month old baby.  And a fire rescue a couple of weeks ago as her house and most of its possessions went up in smoke in France.

She’s a hero.

Thanks Cat.