Quite extraordinary


OK.  I know I am prone to an overenthusiastic moment from time to time.  Hell, I’m an enthusiast.

But could anyone fail to be moved by Usain Bolt’s historic moment on Sunday night as he reduced the 100m world record by a bigger single margin (0.11 seconds) than at any time in history.  This man is electrifying.

Bring on 9.49.



I was just talking to Lee,  my Hearts fan colleague, about how nice it was to see Hibs joint top of the league and Hearts joint bottom and he went and got all upset,  libelous about Yogi and basically acted like you’d expect a Hearts fan to act when his team is £30 odd million in debt and joint bottom of the league.

He had to revert to boasting about the fact that they were top of the crap teams last year.   And then he had the audacity to slag Hibs for being one down at half time against St Mirren.  As if it mattered what the score was at half time.  I don’t actually ever recall points being awarded for first half performances do you?