New Bob Dylan Sat Nav launched


I don’t have the softest of spots for old Bob and I particularly don’t enjoy his overrated Radio Theme Show; which is kind of dull I think.  But I do like his spoken voice and would actually consider buying this.  It would drive me mad though as his laconic drawl would be a nightmare on more complicated instructions like…

“At the roundabout take the first exit then take a sharp right followed by a sharp left.”

Having failed to deliver the entire message before you’d reached the first exit he’d be chiming back at you.

“Hey dood, you messed up, but let’s chill out a bit.  Let’s go through that again…when you came on the roundabout in the first place man you shoulda hung a left at the first exit…No man you’ve just taken the second exit by mistake.  But hey no worries, just find a layby to pullover, take five, chill then revisit the highway by means of a U turn.  Head back to the roundabout and take that good old first exit again, which, by now dood, is the fourth exit then take that sharp right and a sharp left.  You got that?  No? Whatever man.  Let’s just cruise!”

4 thoughts on “New Bob Dylan Sat Nav launched

  1. Mark, taking instructions from a laid back Bob Dylan – we would have no car left as Mark went berserk missing the turning and having to listen to a calm voice. Might be worth buying it just to watch him.


    • No, but there should be, thus my campaign. Please join us.
      This campaign designed purely to force manufacturers to buckle under the pressure of the obvious, and we ain’t doing so bad neither. All relevant parties are monitoring the situation.


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