The NABS Music Quiz 2009

The Nightfly

The Nightfly

Oh, what a night.  In the end 72 finely honed competitors turned up for the third NABS music quiz, including reigning champions Multiply who doubled up their effort to see if they could defend their hard fought trophy.  But they were reckoning without Mino (Fucking) Russo who ringed for the winning team.  More on that later.

From my perspective the night got off to a stinker.  Jeana, who had the PA, the questions (and answers) and the marking team in the boot of her car chose to leave the house (40 minutes away) at the time I asked her to arrive.  As a consequence a great cloud of gloom and frustration hung over the Nightlfly’s head (that’s me) as we set up at the last minute.

Not a moment was available to spin those wheels of steel.  In fact the wheels of fucking steel weren’t even working to begin with.

But in time we got things going and the evening commenced with a satisfying enough and incident free first round about numbers in songs.

Hmmm.  Interesting speech Kate.

Hmmm. Interesting speech Kate.

Team names were as good as you’d imagine from the creative world.  ie not very.

Thin Quizzy

The STV opt outs

Troy Division

Michael Barrymore’s swimming club (who were deducted a point for bad taste)

Guy Robertson’s Home Wreckers

Quiz De Burgh

Let’s get quizzical (surely googled)

Drumb and Drumber and Richard the C***

Now, the Drum were publicly admonished for calling their editor a C*** in the team mate and also docked a point.  I can reveal that this issue rolled on post match and after consultation with his mother Richard has confirmed that the team name was indeed appropriate and the point has subsequently been reinstated, not that it matters because they were pish.  (Coming in 16th of 18).  Well I caveat that; they were excellent in the musicals round where Stephen (the virgin) Lepitak showed all the skills of a forty something housewife and swept the board.  (Shame they didn’t play their joker, which in fact they did in the first round with all the tactical nous of Kevin Keegan.)

We go to 11 (get it?  I didn’t.  It’s a Spinal tap ref)

Def Lepers (nice)

Jackson 4 (tasteful)

Anyway.  Round 5 had to be cancelled  (the highly controversial itunes genre round) because I forgot to print out the answers and my entire family fell out with me because their late arrival had set a 9.6 out of 10 stress level in me and I was a touch touchy to begin with.

But as the evening wore on it became more and more convivial with record bar takings.

The bonus points awarded to best dancers for The Time Warp were scooped by The STV Opt Outs which helped them in their bitter war of attrition with the Scotsman (Thin Quizzy) with the final result being a wafer thin victory to STV (88.5 and a creditable 5th place) to The Scotsman’s (87 and 7th place).

It ain't fucking 'strictly' is it...

It ain't fucking 'strictly' is it...

In the end quality shone through and Newhaven’s team led by Troy Farnsworth (Troy Division) held out to win back the trophy they won in the inaugural competition in 2007 by 7 points to beat Spinal Crap into second (after a stewards enquiry arithmetical incompetence by my daughter Amy revealed that the team we thought were second (the DP’s) were in fact third with 91.)

The scoreboard (note lack of fifth round)

The scoreboard (note lack of fifth round)

That means Mino (fucking) Russo got his hands on the trophy for the second time.  He worked at Fopp you know.  He may be banned next time from playing a ringer’s role.

Mino (fucking) Russo and 'that'

Mino (fucking) Russo and 'that'