Confined Human Condition by Cryptic


This was the first time I’d seen a Cryptic production and it certainly will not be the last.  It’s a double header with the first, The Baghdad Monologue, featuring a performance in silhouette behind three semi opaque white perspex screen shrouded in wire cage set to an interesting soundtrack by Alejandro Vinao and performed by Frances M Lynch.

This show was the best lit theatre production I have ever seen.  Congratulations go to Nich Smith. Technically stunning!  But the performance too was gripping and interesting as it charts the point of view of an Iraqi woman who has lost her son, Kamil.  It’s a brilliant satire and critical annihilation of Bush and his “Shock and Awe” strategy that is ultimately as moving as it is visually compelling.

The second is equally clever technically, Terror of Love finds a woman (Lore Lixenberg) trapped among her dreams on a viscious red Chaise Longue.  Behind her through back lit mirrors her dreams come to life as Clare Roderick gradually strips naked.  It’s entertaining certainly but lacked the resonance of the first.


Nevertheless, the evening as a whole is highly recommended.

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