What a glorious bastard Tarantino is…


It took me a while but I just nicked into see Tarantino’s latest just before it ended its run.  And I’m awful glad I did.  This has many of Tarantino’s trademarks; crazy characters, led by Brad Pitt in a much more successful comedy role than he could pull off in the Coen Brothers’ lamentable Burn After Reading, but nevertheless outshone by the astounding revelation that is Christoph Waltz as the “Jew Hunter” Col. Hans Landa – this is surely destined to go down as one of the most absurd and memorable character parts in cinema history; crazy dialogue (but less cod philosophy than normal, indeed I’d say the whole thing is more godlike than codlike); insane violence (although slightly reined in compared to Reservoir Dogs), inappropriate music and sheer madness (like the occasional funky graphics that pop up).

But this is a Tarantino movie that really makes you think.  It looks stunning thanks to the classy cinematography and the concept, a mass extermination of the leading lights of the Third Reich, is in itself unlikely and interesting.

It’s slow too.  Very slow in places, but Tarantino uses that to really create almost unbearable tension, particularly in the opening 20 minutes and in the German bar scene.

It’s not without its faults.  The double sabotage denouement is really quite silly actually and the faux Italian saboteurs are too slapstick for my liking but it held my attention, vice-like, for a very long time.

But it is ultimately a thing of great beauty and class.  It has stuck with me all of the day after viewing and made me want to go back for second helpings.