On the extended Jools tonight we were “treated” to an interview with Howard Devoto and Dave Formula (who smiled politely).

Devoto came across as a right creep.  Totally in love with himself.

As he did in their not brilliant performance of “Shot by both sides.”

But then they got better.  A Song From Under the Floorboards and The Light Shines out of Me were both amazing and came across as timeless classics, which indeed they are.  They sounded as fresh today as they did in the late 70’s.

Shame Devoto had to be such a jerk boy.  And the guy on guitar could have laid up on the chewing gum for a second could he not?  Really fucking annoying.

(David Reid tells me they are astonishing live.)

One thought on “Magazine

  1. they were astonishing live

    and devoto has always been a creep…so what…brilliant music doesn’t need to be made by nice people


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