I don’t like hip hoppy stuff…

But I like this.

The worry is that this is at least the fourth hip hop/r&b song that’s in contention for inclusion in my year end album of the year.

One thought on “I don’t like hip hoppy stuff…

  1. be afraid…be very…etc – it’ll be back-to-front baseball cap, gold teeth, and diamond-encrusted rims on yer 4×4 jeep next (if you believe the lazy media stereotyping). you almost did it yourself with the jonathan ross-esque title “i don’t like hip hoppy stuff” as opposed to “i don’t like hip hop”.

    it’s funny, i was reading miranda sawyer in ob music monthly yesterday – http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2009/nov/01/miranda-sawyer-pop-tabloids – she talks about pop fans. i consider myself a pop fan. and a non-pop fan for that matter. anything goes. i’m a fan of a lot of hip hop, a lot of indie, a lot of house, a lot of rock n’ roll, a lot of “chart” music. i’d also say, conversely, that the majority of hip hop, indie, house etc is shit. like movies these days, the majority are shit – but lots of good stuff too.

    in most cases these days you don’t even need to scratch beneath the surface to find great music/movies but when you do and you find – it’s…well…it’s great innit.

    your annual album of your fave tunes of the year has been an education to me each time. i’m surprised that you can say “i don’t like hip hoppy stuff” in such a dismissively generic manner but i s’pose on measure most of it is shit, like so many other genres, and you’ve maybe heard too much shit. heavy metal doesn’t often do much for me but when it does it’s magic – AC/DC live for example.

    i guess what i’m trying to say is – i tend to divide music into two genres to keep it simple…
    good music and shit music.

    i look forward to your annual collection – the last two were genuine collectors’ items – let’s have a b-sides again too please.

    (you did prompt me!)


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