true Blood


Watching this?

It’s cool.

HBO is really pushing the limits of taste.

Again. (See Eastbound and down.)

On two occasions in the last two episodes – the first watching Jason Stackhouse, the main protagonist’s brother masturbating so hard that the blisters on his palms are bigger than the hands they grew on AND his poor member is engorged to the point of elephantiasis, requiring a blood withdrawal of epic proportions; and the second when the aforementioned star Sookie Stackhouse indulges in a spot of self indulgence as she dreams of her desired vampire lover “taking her” – my youngest daughter had to politely remove herself from the room.

But, the fact remains, it’s a great piece of TV, wonderfully shot (the outside scenes of houses at night have an otherworldliness about them that is unique) and the script crackles and fizzes throughout.

It’s purty sexy too y’all.

3 thoughts on “true Blood

  1. Frankly, I don’t know how old your daughter is and I don’t care. What shocks me however, is that it’s ok to let your daughter watch a very violent show (which I like and that is not the purpose of my comment) but when people actually masturbate (which doesn’t hurt anyone) it is not ok anymore?!!
    We are living in a sad world where violence is more torelated than the most natural act on earth, sex! I frankly believe that all the violence in this show is more damaging than the seing people touching themselves!


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