John humphries


He is a poor imitation of Magnuss Magnusson and now he is a parlous imitation of David Dimbleby.

Please BBC, spare us this torment.


9 thoughts on “John humphries

  1. Grumpy old fecker. And I speak as a grumpy old fecker.

    Mo had bought his most recent book; I tried reading it, but couldn’t shake the feeling that it was a bit like being trapped in the corner of a pub with some boring old git who can’t stop banging on about how the word’s gone to hell in a handcart.


  2. John Humphries , a most excellent narrator of quintessential Greek “ism’s” Blue sky Black olives was SO real. Criticise the man all you like , I for one find him inspirational. And now I own my own little bit of Greek paradise !


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