The Drum Power 100

I am nominated for the Drum Power 100 and if you’d like to vote for me feel free.  (But I think the link is fecked actually.)  And anyway no clients are on the list so who cares.

But this is where the real battle lies.  Two creative Goliaths are out to slay one another.

Gareth Howells (Newhaven) versus Don Smith (Realise – ex Union.  He has retired from advertising).

Because they are creatives they can raise the bar.

I love this.  Fucking love it.


The best of 2009 – music


I’m getting ready to prepare this year’s opus and after a slow start to the year I think it’s gathered pace.  For those of you who don’t have any of my previous compilations the idea is that I choose my favourite songs and burn them onto a CD.  If you want the CD just ask.  In fact ask by commenting on this post.

Just don’t tell the MCPS (Even though this encourages the wider listeningto, and purchase of, music)

In fact. YIPPEE, I can do a best of the Noughties this year too!


I am a published food writer

At last.

I wrote a story that was accepted for this book that arived in the ‘post’ today.


So, if you want to know how not to cook, give me a ring… I’ll pass you on to Jeana.

(Actually, the book is a lot of fun and you can buy it here…)

Here’s what the Collective Gallery, that supported the idea had to say about the concept…

While the typical cookbook format gives you a recipe for obvious success it does not take into account the many ways in which its execution can fail due to the cook’s lack of experience. Based on Aleksandra’s personal history of cooking disasters, the project invites 1000 people from all around the world to give their advice of how NOT to cook. With this volume, any reader will be more than well equipped to avoid making the same mistakes in their kitchen.

Aleksandra is interested in how we are taught or teach ourselves through trial and error. By making our guilty failures public we may even be creating an original and subversive form of art, rather than simply be aspiring to obvious and repetitive results.

choices on radio 4 with Michael Buerk and Miranda Ponsonby


I drove through to Glasgow on Tuesday morning and got caught in heavy traffic.  As a result I heard all of a BBC Radio 4 programme called choices in which Michael Buerk interviews people who have made life-altering decisions and talks them through the whole process, from the original dilemma to living with the consequences.

This particular programme focussed on an elderly ‘lady’ (Miranda Ponsonby) who had changed sex in ‘her’ late 50’s; releasing her from the inner torment ‘she’ had experienced all her life as a man.

On a number of levels it was extremely interesting, not least because the chap in question had been a member of a cavalry divison and had fought with honour in Aden amongst other places and had raised a family before divorcing his wife when ‘the children’ were out of the way.

He was, of course, extraordinarily posh.  In fact a member of the ‘king making’ Ponsonby family and so had endured a life of extreme privelege.

My views on this sort of stuff are well documented on this blog so I won’t bore you any further on this matter.  There was much to distance and dislike oneself about this chap…and yet I felt sorry for him.

He had endured bouts of loneliness and persecution (although, frankly, there was plenty of upside too).

What I loved about it though was the little story he told towards the end about his sex change operation.

It was hideously painfull and upon resuming normal life (in his dress) on the farm that he (now she) owned, she could not bear to sit down in the tractor because the pain was excrutiating.  After a while he/she went back to the surgeon that performed the procedure (privately and in a dodgy backhander sort of way) only to find out that “the bugger realised he’d left one of my testicles inside!”

“Bugger me.  I only had two of the little blighters, how could he have missed one of them?”  he/she said (or words to that effect.

It made me laugh and now…I am a fan of this uber posh woman/man called Miranda.