The hand of Gaul?

I respect Henri’s frankness.

What disgusts me is FIFA’s predictable support for the big ticket frenchies.

You know what they are?


At least Henry isn't gutless

3 thoughts on “The hand of Gaul?

  1. henry was in the heat of the moment – why would he admit to that there and then? (his reaction to the goal revealed a lot about his fakery though) – it’s part of the game now to cheat and be ungentlemenly – the mountainous molehill became mountainous because of what’s at stake…. a place at the biggest event in the world and a lotta money to the crippled irish economy.

    the problem ain’t henry’s action – it’s FIFA’s inaction

    what faith would be restored in the justice of this planet if FIFA said “replay it” – it would be fantastic whoever won it

    it won’t happen – (french) UEFA prez will have sounded out Sepp B already

    for the world cup finals they should introduce the camera technology (it’s hardly technology for fuck’s sake) specifically for any contentious decision within the penalty box only – the odd offside might sneak through but the controversial biggies are invariably within the 18 yards

    why has it still not been brought in? – who isn’t for it? – it’s a nonsense


  2. bear in mind that FIFA engineered portugal, france and russia to avoid one another with their final hour seeding idea – bastards

    it’s gettin like the champions league – (with new zealand the equivalent of rangers ;o) )


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