I’m not really a rugby fan but…


I just watched the Scotland v Australia rugby match in a state of suspended animation.  It was as one-sided a sports event as I have ever seen and yet the team doing all the work lost.

Scotland rode their luck like Mick Kinane on Sea The Stars.  But the effort, commitment and resolution was unforgettable and unbelieveable.  The stats were hilariously in Australia’s favour but Matt Giteau’s kicking was lamentable.  Two tries written off also helped our cause.  But really, it was great TV and a great David v Goliath happening.

Huge credit has to be given to our new English Coach, Andy Robinson.  And, of course, Scotland’s backs.


One thought on “I’m not really a rugby fan but…

  1. I watched the game yesterday, and was truly pleased for the Scots to come away with a famous win.
    However, I do hope they don’t get carried away with some belief that it is a new dawn for Scottish Rugby, Andy Robinson is the messiah, and other hype the media like to trot out.
    Great result on the day, but a combination of very poor Australian performance and resolute Scottish defence.


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