The Best of the noughties

I struggled to do this I have to confess. It was a real killer to get it down to size.  So much to leave out.  My long list was 71 songs.  Anyway, here it is (if you can read it)…

But I persevered and ended up with this.  My absolute favourite songs of the noughties.  Again, I will send you a copy if you want it.

What surprised me when I finally got it down to size was how few female singer songwriters made it to the final list.

4 thoughts on “The Best of the noughties

  1. Hurt has to be the most extraordinary meeting of pop culture brilliance in the decade – i’d go for it being the THE song for THE artist at THE exact time in their life to make it with THE most appropriate producer. The song, the music, the words, the video, the relevance, the pathos – incredible – i could go on…. but i just did.


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