Amy’s crazy week

Amy, at her prom last year.

On Monday morning at 12.30 am I was at my computer when I heard a shriek from upstairs, followed by the thundering of hooves as a herd of wild buffalo descended the stairs.

“I got three unconditionals for Napier Uni.!” shrieked Amy.

And sure enough, upon opening her email her three offers of five days previous were laid bare.  Hospitality, Festival management and Events and Hospitality had all accepted her unconditionally.  Two days later a fourth unconditional came through from Strathclyde Hospitality.

And then, yesterday, she was awarded a Wine School Intermediate Award having passed her second stage of exams at Dakota.

It just shows you what effort and hard work achieves (coupled wth genius of course.).

Amy has always set her mind on her goals and has always achieved them.

We’re very proud.

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