Amy Williams wins Britain’s first individual winter olympics female gold since 1952

Amy williams

Ria and I sat up till the wee small hours watching Amy Williams piss all over the Gerries.  It was a comfortable victory in the end and one made all the more hilarious by the preposterous commentary by Paul Dickenson and Colin Bryce in which one of them stated that Britain now truly had world domination in this sport.

Ok, let’s have a little perspective applied to that claim shall we?  We have won medals in every Olympics so far in the Skeleton that’s five in total (across men and women).

Here’s the all time Skeleton medals winners table.

As one can see we do indeed have world domination in this event (That is if you exclude Canada and the USA and if you count 1/3 of the remaining medals as domination).

What’s more they had a habit of not actually commenting on what they are going on.  For instance one competitor took 5.16 seconds to the first checkpoint and the squealed with excitement “What a fantastic start”.  The very next took 5.15 and they said”  Oh my god, she’s really blown it with that awful start.”  Doh!

Anyway.  Well done to Amy.  A brilliant result.  Not your fault the commentators are dicks.

And fantastic given that she was actually competing in a mixed event as Germany’s Kerstin Szymkowiak, who was second, clearly demonstrates.

Who's that girl? The one on the left? Nah, that's Kirstin (or is that Kevin?)