Alice In wonderland

First off.  Go see the 2D version.  The 3D adds nothing.

Tim Burton is my favourite unpredictable director.  Sweeney Todd and The Nightmare Before Christmas are both works of genius, but most of the rest have deep flaws.  Alice in Wonderland is nearer the former than the latter (although my fellow viewers erred towards the latter).

Tim has thrown the kitchen sink at this one.  The effects (putting aside the 3D) are at times jaw dropping and some of his little vignettes are a delight (the Red Queen’s guilty frogs in particular).  And Mrs Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, can surely never have been better in a completely show-stealing role.  She is hilarious.

But it’s too long and it’s overloaded with ideas to the point that it begins to wash over you.

I like Johnny Depp in this, but my wife didn’t.  He’s mad.  But then, he plays a mad hatter.


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