Kick ass. By name and by nature.


Kick Ass starts from a promising point of view.

What if anyone could take to the streets and exact protection or retribution in the role commonly associated with superheroes?

Hmmm.  Nice.

What if most of these were kids?

Hmmm nicer.

What if some of them were ultra-tooled-up-mafia-hunting-vigilantes?

Hmmm.  Excellent.

That’s what you get with Kick Ass.  It’s a Smorgasbrod of superheroes from Dark Knight-esque Batman (in 11 year old girl’s clothes humming along to a Tarantino soundtrack) to a young Steve Martin in The Jerk-like loser role.

And that’s what makes this film ROCK.  It really does.  Its bad language is at times shriek out loud funny.  “Is that all you C**** have got?” yells 11 year old Hit Girl as she pumps lead into more brains than an episode of University Challenge.

“Take that you Mother F******.” When she gets angry.

Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) is the movie-stealing find of the decade.  She is gobsmackingly in your face as she DESTROYS hundreds of armed thugs (think O-Ren Ishii in Kill Bill, or even better her teenage sidekick Gogo Yubari).


It’s completely out of order, off the scale, outrageous and freakin’ hilarious.

Nicolas Cage is great as a scheming and revenging madman.  The scene where he practices firing pump action bullets into Hit Girl’s chest is unique and remarkable.

This is a great movie.  It sags a touch in the second act but opens and closes like a wounded rhino.


At all costs.