Was history made on Thursday night?

I have consistently voted Liberal for years but have reached the stage where I’ve formed the opinion that my brilliant political insightfulness and wisdom is wasted because 20% is the sum total of the electorate that the party can mobilise.

So blow me?  This quote from the BBC website nearly knocked me over.

“A Sun newspaper poll, carried out after the TV debate, suggests Labour are in third place on 28% (down 3%), with the Lib Dems on 30% (up 8%) and the Conservatives 33% (down 4%).”

The Liberals up 8%? EIGHT PERCENT?

If this is the case Nick Clegg’s performance on Thursday night (where all agreed he walked the Prime Minister’s debate) might be the most effective political performance in history.

What this poll suggests is that Nick Clegg has single-handedly turned a duopoly into an oligopoly in one fell swoop.

Immediately, if this is true and is sustained, it moves me back to being a Liberal voter because I can see value in the vote.

Immediately it makes the election the most interesting in a century.

Immediately I am very, very excited about this election.

I do so hope I won’t look back on this and think how naive I was to get excited about one poll.  In one paper.  And The Sun at that.

But maybe, maybe this could just be a snowball effect beginning to form.

The greatest irony?

This poll, which puts Labour in third place, would see them back in power.

Politics.  It’s a weirdo.

3 thoughts on “Was history made on Thursday night?

  1. Oooer Mark. That’ll not gain them many votes then. Balance is a much used Tory word! I don’t believe them either as they really mean balance in favour of the “haves”.

    Politicians are generally known to sneakily hide er.. I mean disguise unpopular intentions, not make them quite so public. Shows some naivity.

    May be more “honest” for now, but will it gain them votes? We all know that an honest politician is as rare as a snowball in hell, especially this close to an election!


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